Over the course of more than a decade in the field of workforce, Bestgroup has gained experience in every field and industry in the Kingdom. Our services cover all industries and fields, we even add features to the basic services to meet the manpower needs of your company.

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Main Sectors We Cover


The hands of technical experts are vital to the success of your production and to the satisfaction of your customers. Our eyes are drawn to them whenever we find them.

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Performing heavy duties requires physically strong personnel who are capable of enduring hard missions. However, in order to protect their rights, they require a comprehensive medical insurance policy.

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It is necessary for the yellow hamlets to have a spirit of teamwork as well as physical strength and patience in order to work under the sunlight. During the selection process, we ensure that they are qualified and skilled, and we design an insurance policy that suits their needs.

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Oil & Gas

It is the place where our most valuable resources are located and the field where every worker is eager to seek out work opportunities. Besides filtering, training, and providing manpower, we also ensure the security of your organization as well as theirs.

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You will feel proud and your business reputation will be lifted with the smile, the tact, and the good representation that we offer in our manpower. Picking them and training them is our challenge.

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To know the adventurous and the welcomers, one needs a heart of intellect. The terms on which we provide them are favourable.

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Unique benefits

Visas are immediately available upon your request. You will take full advantage of the rapidity of recruiting and deploying the required employees.

All your employment expenses and your employees’ salaries are financed by Bestgroup.

Your outsourced employees are totally under your management and fully comply with your policies.

Guarantees and privileges are provided by Bestgroup such as replacing sick employees, indemnification for runaways/rejection to work…..etc.).

All workers’ related documents will be ready in less than 5 working days (i.e. Medical check-up, Iqama, medical insurance, bank account and ATM card, worker orientation).

24/7 Multilingual call center agents to attend to all your workers’ requests/issues.

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Our Range of Professional Services

Bestgroup covers all industries and fields. Companies that require heavy qualifying training for their staff, companies that require a very long-term contract for their workers, and even companies that need a team of a limited professionals for quite a short-term contract.

Choose from our range of services what suits your company based on its manpower requirements.